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tel 01245 400550  e-mail: info@solar-green.co.uk

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Step 1 – Feasibility study
If you can provide us with outline information on the size and orientation of your building along with the basic information on your energy demand. We will, free of charge, carryout a desktop study, advising you on budget costs, energy production and carbon savings.
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Step 2 – Detailed design

We will meet with you to gather more specific details on your building, we then produce a detailed specification confirming equipment sizes along with a firm quote.

Step 3 – Securing funding and order

With the specification and quote from Step 2, we will be in a position to help you find additional funding. Once funding is secured and planning is approved an order is placed for the work to proceed.

Step 4 – Installation

We will undertake the whole installation, connection and commissioning of the system including any consents required for connecting the system to the electrical network.

Step 5 – Commissioning and After sales

The system is fully checked and tested and handed over to you with a set of instructions on how it works. We also provide a dedicated after sales service to support your system throughout it’s life.