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Customer    Higgins Construction

Project       Forest Road

This social housing development had to be able to provide 10% on site renewable energy in order to meet the planning condition for new developments known as the Merton Rule. The Merton Rule, first pioneered by the London Borough of Merton, is now commonplace across most of the boroughs of London and has been adopted by other planning authorities across the UK heralding a new era in building design.

This building on Forest Road generates it's 10% with wind turbines specially designed to be fitted on to any building with their relatively light weight, low noise and ability to operate at low wind speeds.

Wind turbine solutions             size (kW)

Flat roof mounting                          12


Carbon saved / energy generated  

Annual carbon saving                    12.9 tonnes

Lifetime carbon saving                   451.5 tonnes

Annual energy generated              30000 kWh


Project details  

Web address                                www.higginsconstruction.co.uk

Type of building                            Social housing

Date completed                            2008

Location                                        East London


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