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Customer Yorklake Developments

Project BowZED

BowZED, has been designed by the Bill Dunster practice ZED factory, as a Zero Carbon development constructed to minimise the amount of energy required and generating this energy from on site sources. The building is designed with a high thermal mass and high levels of insulation from sustainable materials, the appliances and lighting have been selected to minimise the amount of energy consumed.

Any energy demand is generated from renewable sources on site:

The heat and hot water is provided by a wood-pellet boiler.

The electricity is generated by Solar PV panels integrated into the façade and a roof mounted wind turbine.

 The air ventilation system is pre-heated using an air cowl on the roof.  

Solar photovoltaic solutions       area (sqm) size (kW)   

Integrated sloping façade                     32              4   

Carbon saved / energy generated      

Annual carbon saving                        1.4 tonnes     

Lifetime carbon saving                      48.2 tonnes     

Annual energy generated                   3200 kWh     

Project details    

Web address                                   www.yorklake.com   


Type of building                               Private housing   

Date completed                               2005   

Location                                         East London   

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