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Customer   Roger

Project       Roger’s home

Running across the centre of the house is the semi transparent Photovoltaic roof light, the cells are embedded into the glass, each pieceof glass has been custom designed and made to fit perfectly within the curving roof light.

The space between the cells in the glass have been opened to allow 50% light through, the resulting light and shade thrown through the middle of the home is spectacular, casting a constantly moving pattern across the walls throughout
the day.

Solar photovoltaic solutions                 area (sqm)    size (kW)

Integrated atrium                                          23                  2.3  


Carbon saved / energy generated  

Annual carbon saving                                    0.8 tonnes

Lifetime carbon saving                                   27.1 tonnes

Annual energy generated                             1800 kWh


Project details  

Type of building                                              Home

Date completed                                              2006

Location                                                         Suffolk

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