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Customer Maskinmeistaraskulin, Tórshavn

Project College


The principle industries on the Faroes are fishing and shipping therefore the Marine Engineering college in Torshavn, Maskinmeistaraskulin, is vital to the education and training for the young people of this small sea faring population.

The islands are situated between Denmark and Iceland and surrounded by the vast Atlantic Ocean, there are no tall buildings and very few signs of any trees. Although incredibly beautiful in the Summer months, the Islands out of season are often hit by violent squalls and so any man-made structure have to be built to withstand regular hurricane speed winds.

The photovoltaic array we installed in 2007 has been designed specifically for the fierce environment of the Faroes and is proving to be very reliable, the structure is designed so that the panels can be tilted to maximise the amount of electricity that can be generated from the very high sun angle of the Summer and the very low sun angle of the winter.  


Solar photovoltaic solutions                   area (sqm)    size (kW)   

Freestanding array  
with tilting mechanism                                     36                 4.5


Carbon saved / energy generated      

Annual carbon saving                                      1.2 tonnes     

Lifetime carbon saving                                    40.6 tonnes     

Annual energy generated                               2700 kWh     


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Project details    

Type of building        College   

Date completed        2007   

Location                    Torshavn, Faroe Islands