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Project      Hothouse

The Hothouse is built in a way that is going to last, with traditional methods of construction such as the steel windows and brick walls. But the appearance of the building is far from conventional.

However atop the building’s roof terrace are the artist’s studios fitted with photovoltaic cells integrated into the glass canopy that links the studios. The incorporation of the PV helps to prevent the corridor from overheating through shading, and they generate electricity.      

Solar photovoltaic solutions
               area (sqm)        size (kW)   

Integrated canopy                                     64                     8   

Retrofit standing seam roof                          24                    4   

Carbon saved / energy generated      

Annual carbon saving                                           4 tonnes     

Lifetime carbon saving                                          141.5 tonnes     

Annual energy generated                                     9400 kWh     

Project details

Web address                                                         www.ashsak.com  

Type of building                                                     Arts venue   

Date completed                                                     2007   

Location                                                                 East London   

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