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Customer Providence Row

Project The Dellow Centre

The Dellow Centre provides essential services such as food, clothing and showers to help to restore health and dignity to the homeless. The centre provides a wide range of advice, support and outreach services to help to tackle the more complex issues such as; housing, mental health and substance misuse, which may be the root cause of a person's homelessness.

Providence Row the trust which owns and runs the centre has been providing assistance to the homeless around the Whitechapel area for 150 years. In 2004/5 a solar pv array was installed as a canopy across the roof terrace providing a green source of electricity as well as a refuge from the weather.

Solar photovoltaic solutions
                  area (sqm)      size (kW)

Retrofit over tiled roof                                    157                  19


Carbon saved / energy generated  

Annual carbon saving                                     6.5 tonnes

Lifetime carbon saving                                    228.8 tonnes

Annual energy generated                              15200 kWh


Project details  

Web address                                                  www.providencerow.org.uk

Type of building                                              Support Centre

Date completed                                              2006

Location                                                          City of London

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