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Customer CTC (formerly Cycle Touring Club)

Project CTC

In 2006 CTC moved to their new offices and took the opportunity to improve the sustainability of their new home. They allocated a budget to improve the building's sustainability and also took a number of steps with the specification to reduce the buildings demand for energy.

Consequently they omitted air conditioning and used highly efficient lighting, from their sustainability budget they were able to include a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof. The system is fitted over the roof tiles and made from very efficient panels which means they take-up relatively little space to generate the electricity, with an area of just 28sqm they are able to generate between 10 and 15% of the offices electricity.

Solar photovoltaic solutions area (sqm) size (kW)

Retrofit over tiled roof 32 4


Carbon saved / energy generated  

Annual carbon saving 1.5 tonnes

Lifetime carbon saving 52.1 tonnes

Annual energy generated 3460 kWh


Project details  

Web address www.ctc.org.uk Type of building Office

Date completed 2006

Location Guildford

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