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Customer    Tidemill Yacht Harbour

Project        Tidemill Yacht Harbour

The collector tubes fitted to the south west and south east roofs of the marina's latest facility for sailors visiting Woodbridge provides piping hot water for showers, washing and laundry.

This type of solar panel offers a very efficient and flexible means of generating hot water, the vacuum around the tube makes them thermally very efficient so a smaller roof area is needed when compared with a traditional flat panel collector. The shape and design of the tubes also means that the panel can be mounted at angles from flat to vertical and in orientation from East to West without any major reduction in performance.

Solar hot water solutions
             area (sqm)

Retrofit over tiled roof                            12


Carbon saved / energy generated  

Annual carbon saving                             2.8 tonnes

Lifetime carbon saving                            71 tonnes

Annual energy generated                       6600 kWh


Project details  

Web address                                            www.tidemillyachtharbour.co.uk

Type of building                                        Marina   

Date completed                                         2007

Location                                                   Suffolk

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