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Customer Suffolk County Council

Project Endeavour House

At the time of construction this solar photovoltaic system was the largest of its kind in Europe and is still the largest building integrated solar pv system in the UK. The cells are cleverly incorporated into the glass curtain wall of the south facing façade and into the atrium, not only generating electricity but also reducing solar gain through shading.

Solar photovoltaic solutions           area (sqm) size (kW)

Integrated façade                                  560            70

Intergated atrium                                   160            20

Rain screen cladding                               240            30


Carbon saved / energy generated  

Annual carbon saving                              36.1 tonnes

Lifetime carbon saving                             1264.2 tonnes

Annual energy generated                         84000 kWh


Project details  

Web address                                                    www.suffolk.gov.uk

Type of building                                                Office

Date completed                                                2004

Location                                                            Suffolk

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