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Solar Green helps cut schools carbon footprint in half


In South London there is an extensive school building and refurbishment project underway as part of the Governments’ Building Schools for Future (BSF) Programme. One of the first schools in the area to have been completed under this modernisation programme is the Sedgehill Secondary School in Lewisham.

Solar Green designed and installed the Solar Photovoltaic system and Solar Hot Water system which in conjunction with a Biomass Boiler is estimated to cut the schools Carbon Footprint by 55%. This is despite the heavy increase IT equipment and infrastructure in the new school facility.

Solar Green were delighted to be appointed by NG Bailey as specialist contractor for the Solar packages and now look forward to developing similar solutions for the other schools under the BSF programme.

The system constructed by Solar Green had to be able to meet some challenging cost constraints using high quality components which should enable the systems to operate without intervention over the life of the building.


Solar Hot Water

Is the process of using daylight to generate heat from roof mounted collectors the heat is then transferred to provide hot water. The technology has a very long heritage which has been developed over decades and is proving to be an affordable means of reducing a buildings energy demand and reducing its carbon footprint.

Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Is the phenomenon of generating electricity from daylight. The technology was developed back in the 1950s for aerospace applications and to provide sources of power in remote terrestrial locations where there is no connection to the grid. In recent years with the ever increasing challenge to find an alternatives to fossil fuels, Solar Photovoltaics is now recognised as a key technology to combating Climate Change by providing a Renewable source of energy with Zero Carbon emissions.

Solar Green

Is a UK leader in the design, construction and servicing of Solar based technology, it’s experience in Solar energy can be traced back to 1996. This experience is widely recognised in the industry and the company counts amongst it’s partners; Sharp, Schuco and Viessmann.

For more details on the Sedgehill High School see

http://www.partnershipsforschools.org.uk/programme/schools/S/school_ Sedgehill_Lewisham.jsp