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Solar Green gets Social Housing into Hot Water

Solar Green have recently installed Solar Hot Water systems on a new development for the Sanctuary Housing Association in Haringey. The systems will provide hot water for the tenants of the affordable housing scheme for years to come. Since 2007 Housing Associations receiving public funding have been obliged to ensure that their developments conform to the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The Building Code which currently affects the design and construction of Social Housing only will eventually impact all housing by 2013. The Code for Sustainable Homes sets out a 6 tier system aimed at constructing well designed, well constructed buildings with minimal impact to the environment.

The Code has been causing headaches for building designers and developers alike, unsure of how to achieve these stringent new standards in Sustainable Design. Solar Green were delighted to be able to offer its wealth of experience in Solar Energy on this particular development to help achieve the Carbon reductions required by the Code.

Solar Hot Water provides one of the more affordable solutions which can be fitted with ease to virtually any building and as demonstrated here can make a real impact on the Carbon Footprint of a building.


Solar Hot Water

Is the process of using daylight to generate heat from roof mounted collectors the heat is then transferred to provide hot water. The technology has a very long heritage which has been developed over decades and is proving to be an affordable means of reducing a buildings energy demand and reducing its carbon footprint.

Solar Green

Is a UK leader in the design, construction and servicing of Solar based technology, it’s experience in Solar energy can be traced back to 1996. This experience is widely recognised in the industry and the company counts amongst it’s partners; Sharp, Schuco and Viessmann.