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Solar Green brings electricity to Woking after 500 years


Woking Palace former home to the Grandmother of King Henry VIII was finally given a source of electricity thanks to the Solar Photovoltaic system designed and constructed by Solar Green and funded by Woking Borough Council.

Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII turned the manor building into a Palace her Grandson extended and enlarged the Palace between 1515 and 1543. In 1620 the Palace was granted by James I to Sir Edward Zouch who later abandoned it, the remaining Park was eventually turned over to farming. Since then the Palace has laid abandoned it’s interior is reputed to have been the source of building materials for other building in the area.

The now folorn looking Palace hidden in farmland in Old Woking is clearly of great historical and archaeological importance. The work carried out by Solar Green was meticulously planned and the system designed to ensure there was no disturbance to the fabric of the building right down to ensuring the ground inside and outside of the building was left undented.


The Solar Photovoltaic Panels will provide electricity all year round with the aid of batteries to provide storage. The system will provide power for lighting and small hand tools using an inverter to convert from DC to AC power.

The Solar Photovoltaic system lends itself well to this type of application, the system has been fitted with no disruption to the building. The Solar Photovoltaic system makes no noise, there is no exhaust, the panels are lightweight but incredibly robust and reliable.

Most importantly this Renewable source of Power needs no maintenance or topping up of fuel, so once fitted the panels can be forgotten which is a good job as the Palace is quite remote and not easy to find.

Although the Palace now has electricity it could be another half a Millennium before it gets running water.



Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Is the phenomenon of generating electricity from daylight. The technology was developed back in the 1950s for aerospace applications and to provide sources of power in remote terrestrial locations where there is no connection to the grid. In recent years with the ever increasing challenge to find an alternatives to fossil fuels, Solar Photovoltaics is now recognised as a key technology to combating Climate Change by providing a Renewable source of energy with Zero Carbon emissions.

Solar Green

Is a UK leader in the design, construction and servicing of Solar based technology, it’s experience in Solar energy can be traced back to 1996. This experience is widely recognised in the industry and the company counts amongst it’s partners; Sharp, Schuco and Viessmann