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Solar façade powers New Leicester Gateway

The City Centre Gateway College of Leicester is due to relocate to it’s new £24M purpose built home in Hamilton to the North of the City. The move will increase capacity at the sixth form college to 1,500 students, 250 more places than currently available. Solar Green has recently completed the connection and commissioning of the Solar Photovoltaic façade which provides a striking entrance to the brand new college as well as a renewable source of electricity for the buildng.


Photovoltaic cells are encapsulated into custom made pieces of glass which are integrated into the skin of the building envelope. All of the electrical connections between the glass panels are neatly hidden within the glazing framing system. This type of solution known as Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) really takes solar energy to the next level, where the building skin is not only performs the function of the weather barrier but also generates renewable electricity.

Solar Green were appointed by Lorne Stewart, the M&E contractor for the project. From it’s experience in Building Integrated Photovoltaics Solar Green were uniquely able to provide a competitive and high quality solution.

Due to open in August 2009, the new building will be highly sustainable. Apart from the Solar Photovoltaic façade the building incorporates a natural ventilation system, an on site biomass boiler, rainwater harvesting system and a wind turbine, with low energy lighting and under floor heating throughout the college.



Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Is the phenomenon of generating electricity from daylight. The technology was developed back in the 1950s for aerospace applications and to provide sources of power in remote terrestrial locations where there is no connection to the grid. In recent years with the ever increasing challenge to find an alternatives to fossil fuels, Solar Photovoltaics is now recognised as a key technology to combating Climate Change by providing a Renewable source of energy with Zero Carbon emissions.

Solar Green

Is a UK leader in the design, construction and servicing of Solar based technology, it’s experience in Solar energy can be traced back to 1996. This experience is widely recognised in the industry and the company counts amongst it’s partners; Sharp, Schuco and Viessmann.