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How does Solar Photovoltaics Work?

There are very few components in a solar photovoltaic system which means it is very simple and inherently robust, the principle behind the operation of the solar photovoltaic system relies on:


Light - A Solar Photovoltaic cell or module will generate electricity in direct or diffuse light. This enables the Photovoltaic system to generate even when the sky appears to be dull or overcast.


Solar photovoltaic cells / modules - Work by converting sunlight directly into electricity, the amount of electricity produced is directly proportional to the amount of light energy falling on the cells.


Inverter - This converts the power generated by the array of photovoltaic modules mounted on the roof into a constant 240V, 50Hz power supply which the building can use.

Export and import - The Photovoltaic system will generate as much electricity as there is light available, any electricity generated and surplus to the requirement of the building will be exported to the grid. Likewise any demand for electricity that cannot be met by the Photovoltaic system will be met by importing electricity from the grid. The export and import of electricity is completely seamless and is registered on an export and import meter.


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More on how it works please download our fact sheet.

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