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How does Solar Hot Water Work?

Solar Thermal or Solar Hot Water systems have been used widely and the simple but efficient process of turning daylight to heat is well tried and tested, the principle behind the operation of the solar hot water system relies on:

Light - The Solar Thermal panel is able to efficiently use both direct and diffuse light. Hot water can be produced even on a cool Autumnal day even the sky is overcast or cloudy.

- The Solar Thermal collector is designed to absorb as much heat and light from the sun possible, the heat from the collectors is used to heat the hot water cylinder.

Controller & Pump
- The controller monitors the temperature of the collector and the hot water cylinder. Once the collectors are hot enough the controller activates a circulation pump transferring heat from the collectors to heat the hot water cylinder. Once the cylinder is up to temperature the pump is stopped again.

- A solar cylinder has two coils; one connected to the boiler and one connected to the collectors. This enables hot water to be generated by the Solar panels late Spring to late Summer and a combination of heating from the boiler and Solar panels in the cooler months.

Is my building suitable?

Key Considerations


Hot Water Used – A Solar Hot Water system will be most beneficial where there is a reasonable volume and a consistent pattern of hot water required.

– The solar collectors work most efficiently when they are positioned to face South and inclined at about 35 degrees.

– The solar collectors should be mounted in an area which remains shade free.

More ways to fit Solar Thermal systems to your building see our solutions page.
More on how it works please download our fact sheet.

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