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Why generate your own electricity?

Fix the cost of energy for life and reduce your carbon foot  print.

Electricity per kWh is almost three times as expensive as 1 kWh of gas.

Since 2005 the retail price of electricity in the UK has risen by over 100% and continues to rise.

Installing a renewable energy generator today will mean the cost of the energy you generate will be fixed for life.

Click to find more about the price of fuels in the UK

Big reduction to your buildings' carbon footprint.

Electricity emits more than twice the Carbon emitted by Natural Gas per kWh.

That is to say almost 0.5kg of Carbon is emitted for 1 kWh of electricity generated in the UK compared with less 0.2kg of Carbon emitted for 1 kWh of Natural Gas. Click for more about carbon emissions from various fuels.

What can you do?

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How can we help?

Solar Green provides free advice on the best way for you to generate your own renewable source of energy for life.

But we don't stop there, we provide a complete design, supply and installation service we have a dedicated after sales service, to ensure you have energy for life. More  on the services we offer

The Feed in Tariff is a government incentive to pay people for generating green, renewable electricity from solar photovoltaic panels. For every kWh your system generates you will be paid.