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Generating Renewable Heat & Hot Water


Why use an alternative source of heat?


Big energy savings


In most buildings over 70% of the energy used is for space heating and hot water.
Improving thermal insulation, the efficiency of your heating system and installing an alternative source of heating will make the largest reductions to your energy usage.


Save money


Since 2000 the price of natural gas has risen by 95% and the price of heating oil increased 70%. So reducing the amount of energy you use significantly reduces the amount you spend on energy. For information on the price of fuels in the UK go to our downloads page


What can you do?


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How can we help?


Solar Green provides free advice on the best way for you to generate your own renewable source of energy for life. Find out more on the full range of solutions we offer

But we don’t stop there, we provide a complete design, supply and installation service we have a dedicated after-sales service, to ensure you have energy for life.

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